H-Camp Bunker Workshop 2016

H-Camp Workshop has been held in Gangchon, South Korea organized by Hebronstar Ventures. Both of our First and Second H-Camp groups have actively participated in various activities held during our Workshop; including role-plays (start-ups and investor), lectures (IR, English pitching, accounting, patent law). 

Additionally, all start-ups participants have carried out their Demo-day pitching rehearsals in both English and Korean and received 1:1 analytical feedbacks from the professionals in their corresponding fields. This workshop has been made in order to support our start-ups to prepare for their demo-day pitches as well as to provide meaningful network sessions; thereby creating a synergy effect from sharing their passion and experiences. 

We would like to send our many thanks to all our workshop participants for their sincere engagements in every session and will continue to further develop our H-Camp contents in the near future.

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