Introduction of Hebronstar Ventures

Hebronstar Ventures (HV) is a Korean early-stage venture fund and seed accelerator, branded as H-Camp, founded by Hyung Jin Kim in 2015. We started an accelerator program in 2015 with 11 startups in Seoul and are consistently expanding our classes to help emerging startups.
Within Hebronstar Group, we provide not only accelerating program and funding but also strategy, marketing as well as globalization services.

Startups Accelerating

- Accelerating
- Promoting Funding

Funding & Investment

-Direct Investment
- Valuation

Strategic consulting

- Business strategic consulting
- M&A & JV


- MICE & Promotion- Matching buyers

International Business Platform

- International Consulting
-International Market entry

H-Camp is in everywhere

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H-Camp is located in Seoul and connected with 30 different cities in the world.
We welcome innovative perspectives from all over the world.

You think you have a brilliant idea, but too scared to start?

We got your back!
H-Camp looks for anything creative and innovative.

Consumer commerce

Family Tech and Education

Cloud Service

Online Video

Online Game

Mobile Application


Drone/IoT Hardware



Big Data

Food Tech

We will keep up with what’s going on in the world,

by participating in various global startup events.

Hebronstar Advance 8 in Saigon 2018

Hebronstar Advance 8 in Saigon 2018

We are going to Vietnam in November with our fascinating startups with brilliant ideas. Hebronstar Advance Saigon will features amazing international speakers, deep-dive learning opportunities, and ample networking with all participants from Korea & Vietnam.

Hebronstar Advance 7 in Jakarta 2018

Hebronstar Advance 7 in Jakarta 2018

We are planning to launch our 7th demo day named “Hebronstar Advance” at the Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hebronstar Advance 6 in Seoul 2018

Hebronstar Advance 6 in Seoul 2018

Hebronstar Advance 6 in Seoul will proide you the young but dynamic and fascinating activities including booth exhibition, pitch off, networking and night crawl!

Advance M in Saigon 2018

Advance M in Saigon 2018

Under the collaboration of Hebronstar Advance and many Korean startup enthusiasts, Advance M in Saigon is going to gather Korean startups, potential mentors and investors.